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Hair Care Tips
Hair Care Tips
----------------Even if you are losing hair, there are things you can do to keep the hair you still have looking it's best and in optimal condition. This will enhance your total appearance even if your hair is thinning
bulletShampoo daily- to maintain your hair with a clean, healthy scalp.

bulletUse the right brush- To minimize breakage and split ends, use a bone or plastic comb with a round-tipped, separated bristles. Too many people are tearing their hair with brushes that have nylon bunches of bristles.

bulletAlthough scalp massage- will not prevent lose of hair, it will improve blood circulation to the scalp



bulletDon't wear a hat- Friction of a tight hat can make existing bald spots even bigger.

bulletEating right also helps- Vitamin B and E, iodine and amino acids contribute to hair growth. You should also lower your salt intake.

bulletStop smoking- Smoking constricts arteries and capillaries, impairing blood circulation.

bulletShampoo at bedtime- or after exercising.


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