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Q: Why am I losing my hair?

A: Everyone loses between 40 and 100 hairs per day as part of the hair growth cycle. This is normal, approximately 30 million men in the United States alone experience male pattern baldness at some point in their lives.

Q: I've read so much about "hair regrowth" procedures that I've become confused about what's actually available. Are there any products that will truly allow me to grow my own hair back?

A: There are three products/procedures currently on the market that claim to offer the result you're looking for. Let me tell you a little bit about them. PropeciaŽ: Propecia burst onto the market in 1998, backed by a tremendous marketing campaign which claimed it could actually grow hair. Research has since shown though, that it only grows hair in men aged 40 and younger and only on the top of the head. Once these men stopped using Propecia, regrowth also stopped and within 12 months, all new hair had been lost. The pill comes with a high price tag: approximately $50 per month. It also has some significant side effects including decreased sex drive, sexual dysfunction and potential birth defects. (Source: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 1, 1998, "Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow."). RogaineŽ: Rogaine is another "baldness remedy" that has been available in prescription form for about 10 years and is now available over-the-counter. The consensus about this drug is that if it does grow new hair, the improvement is barely noticeable to the naked eye. In addition, the company that manufactures Rogaine has stated in its literature that it does not work on all areas of the scalp. In reality, it has been shown to work somewhat on the back of the head, but not at the hairline--a significant drawback.

Transplants: While technology has made great strides in this area of treatment, the problem of donor hair still remains a major obstacle. If you do not have a significant amount of hair on the sides and back of your head to contribute to the top and front, the finished look will be uneven, with large portions of scalp still exposed. This "unfinished look" could leave you feeling worse than you did with just thinning hair! In recent years, research has been conducted in an attempt to clone hair cells with the intent of substituting these cells for donor hairs to actually regrow a whole head of hair. This research, unfortunately, is still in its infancy and reproducible results could be as much as a decade or two away. If and when this science is perfected, We intend to be at the forefront of the technology and hopes to offer transplants as one of our many, multi-faceted services.

Q: OK--my hair loss isn't that terrible...YET. If I hold out for a scientific breakthrough, what are the chances I could grow all my hair back in the future?

A: A female scientist at Columbia University in New York has discovered one of the genes that causes hair loss--a major breakthrough in what we call "gene therapy." Also in the very beginning stages of research and development, no one can say with certainty whether the idea of re-programming hair follicles to grow more hair will ever make it off the drawing board. As with so many of the other research projects underway, we are cautiously optimistic and would only offer this as a service if and when it becomes a tested and scientifically-approved hair regrowth option.

Q: How does our procedure work and what makes it different from other hair replacement choices?

A: Unlike drugs or surgery, the Hair Line procedure is virtually risk-free. You can get a natural looking head of hair in just a few hours. With our procedure, new hair is added to your existing hair, creating an extension and adding extra fullness and texture. Unlike conventional toupees and hairpieces, this hair does not come off! It becomes a part of you and will stay in place during intimate moments, swimming, walking in a gusty wind or just coming out of the shower. You can even blow-dry your hair without fear. Because of the way it's added, you start to feel like it really is your own hair, a part of you. Because your own back and side hair grows and the added hair doesn't, it is necessary to return to us  approximately as often as you would go to the barber for a haircut--usually about every four to six weeks. In essence, we will become your new hairstylist. Your options are unlimited. You can choose any style or cut you like because we are working with a FULL head of hair and you can see the results. The average return visit takes about an hour.

Q: I've seen people, including celebrities, with very obvious, fake-looking hairpieces. Can you assure me that my new look will be natural?

A: In many cases, unnatural looking hair is the result of synthetic or inferior quality hair. Another common problem is mismatching the hair's color and texture--a dead giveaway. To ensure a totally natural look, We use a very high quality human hair blend to match your own color and texture. Even if you have individual strands of gray, we will blend until we get a perfect match. We also pay close attention to your facial hair. For example, a man with light brown hair on his head may still have blonde eyebrows. By blending a bit of blonde into his hair, we eliminate what might have been an unnatural contrast between his eyebrows and his hair. Paying close attention to details like these can make all the difference in creating a natural look.

Q: How long does the procedure usually take?

A: The entire procedure is usually completed within two hours.

Q: Are there any risks or side effects?

A: We take pride in the fact that our procedure is non-surgical and virtually risk free. No foreign elements enter the scalp and there are no side effects. It's really just a practical, simple procedure designed to make men with hair loss look and feel better about themselves.

Q: I'm very interested in the  procedural technique, but I feel kind of funny about leaving work with thinning hair and returning the next morning with a full head of it! Is there any way to stagger the treatment so that it appears like a natural transition?

A: We can give you back your hair all at once, or in stages--whichever your preference. We can even recreate a thinning look and gradually add more hair as you go along. A little trade secret: some of our clients grow facial hair before coming to the Hair Line, and then shave it off right after they get their hair back. People will notice a change, but won't necessarily be able to pinpoint exactly what's different. Because the new hair becomes a part of your existing hair, many clients feel more confident discussing what they've done with close friends and co-workers. Remember, this isn't like a piece of clothing you put on and take off at the end of the day. This is a positive lifestyle change--one you'll notice in the mirror every time you look.

Q: Can I really participate in rigorous sports without fear of embarrassment?

A: I guarantee it! You can swim, shower and rough up your hair, just like it's your own. Clients have told us repeatedly that they have put this treatment to the test during very active sports--even water skiing! An even greater testament, though, is that a number of today's professional athletes, including baseball, football, hockey and basketball players are our clients. The naturalness of their hair has stood up to the scrutiny of millions of viewers.

Q: Do clients feel awkward coming in?

A: Our goal here is alleviate any discomfort associated with broaching the subject of hair loss treatment.   We believe in total discretion, from your first consultation to your follow-up haircuts. Confidentiality is paramount to all of us, since many of our employees are also members.

Q: If I decide to use us, who will actually be doing the work?

A: All of our stylists are state-licensed cosmetologists and go through formal training. They are equipped to provide you with the highest quality and most creative styling available. Many of our stylists have also won awards and actively participate in local and national seminars.


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